Terrible Tattoos

After my last post entitled Incredible Tattoos I thought it would only make sense to showcase the flip side of the coin and compile a collection of some of the worst examples of body art. From the misspelled to the misguided there's no denying that a failed tattoo can be hilarious. Enjoy.

As horrible as this tattoo is, it's made even worse when
you think how, ever changing the video format is,
imagine having "VHS" inked on your arm for life!

Line 1: Who would have a swear word tattooed on
their arm?
Line 3: Never mind.

What better way to immortalize a loved one than to
have a creepy portrait of them etched onto your arm
eternity... Oh wait, you could add "In loving memony"
above it too, yep, I think that will strike the right tone!

I've met some Google fanboys in my time,
I'm something of a fan myself, but would I
get the logo on my arm? No.

I can forgive the crudely drawn
characters, I can even forgive the need
to use an arrow to indicate motion in the
arm but the socks are inexcusable.

Another example of shockingly bad spelling here.
Also doesn't this kid look a bit young to have a tattoo?

You have to really love Pringles to have the confidence
that 40 years from now, not only will you still enjoy
them but you'll be keen enough on them to have the
logo etched on you arm.

I must confess, the confusion of the words your and
you're is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Even though he
would need to grow an extra finger, this would be one
of those instances where you're is needed.

No I don't know why either.

What's worse than having a misspelled tattoo?
Having a misspelled tattoo on your head of

I'm a great admirer of Professor Hawking, in fact he's a
bit of a hero of mine but this is just bizarre.


Your "awesomeness" is eclipsed only by your ability to

So there you go, proof that the gene pool could use a
little chlorine!