Incredible Tattoos

Tattoos. Love them or loathe them, there's no denying that when done well, tattoo artistry is an amazingly skillful talent. With the precision and non-existent margin for error coupled with the often ingenious creativity a properly wielded tattoo gun, it is, I feel, rightfully considered a true art form. It's for these reasons I've decided to create this post, dedicated to some of the most breathtaking examples of body art I've seen.

Also I'm throwing this post open to you guys, if you have a tattoo that you're particularly proud of then email your photos to me - Here  and I might just add them to the collection.

I love the intricate detailing on this sleeve design. The
delicate lettering and subtle colour changes at the
crossover points are a great touch.

As a severe arachnophobic I have to admit to viewing
the above images with a bit of an air of trepidation,
having said that, there's no hiding away from the
stunning realism of these pieces and the clever use of
shadow really adds a sense that they might jump off
the skin at you!

Although I'm tempted to call into question the sanity of
a person who wishes to look like this for life, there's
no detracting from the realism of the artwork on show

Fantastic detail again here.

The thing that impresses me about this one
is the depth of the three dimensional aspects
around the edges.

Simply stunning work here. The stretching and tearing of
the skin is out of this world and the contrasting texture
of the Spider-man suit underneath all combine to
produce a totally believable and remarkable effect.
Although something tells me he's going to regret this in a
few years.

Another great example here of the torn skin
effect and while not quite as accomplished as
image above, I love the exposed circuitry

The longer I stare at this the more amazed I become.
The painstaking effort that must have gone into the
individual shading of each muscle strand is astonishing.

Even after seeing the gruesome pictures
of these tattoos being created, I'm still a
little bit in disbelief. Must have been
excruciatingly painful.

While compiling this post I was determined
to include a good tongue tattoo and having
trawled through dozens of botched attempts
made this incredibly detailed piece all the
more impressive.

As I mentioned above I'm throwing this post
open to you guys to submit your body art, so
send your Images - Here  and you too could
have your masterpieces showcased.