Geeky Interior Design

If you're anything like me, you'll love all things geek, so I hope you'll enjoy this wonderful collection of geek chic interior design.

I'm in absolute awe of this beautiful Super Mario Bros. Shelving unit built by Dennis and Judith for their apartment. I particularly like the warp pine end table, a great touch.

You sort of get the best of both worlds, with these keyboard key dishes. They're stylish and elegant yet, the addition of some lettering on the base makes them delightfully geeky!

This bathroom renovation includes these subtle Space Invaders tiles ,comprised of player ships and mothership. The pixel mosaic is composed of glass and travertine tile.

No introduction needed here for Mac users. These homemade Mac OSX Icon pillows are perfect for the geeky bachelor pad. 

Instructables user rpaxton made this awesome Nintendo Bedding Set with comforter, pillowcases, and bed skirt as a surprise birthday gift for her brother, and then posted the pictures for the rest of us to envy.

It’s called the Poufman living room set, from the Italian company Qayot. There are only two pieces, but you can use them together or separately, or put more than one set together for your own seating arrangement. The colors can be rearranged as well, since they come with interchangeable covers.

In keeping with the customizable seat theme. The Tetris Couch designed by Stefano Grasselli is a set of eight components that you fit together -just like Tetris blocks. Put them all together for a big comfy couch, or separate them to use as chairs, stools, tables, and ottomans. 


Another take on the Tetris couch here, designed by Igor Chak. Just big enough for two people, it should be shared with someone who also shares your geeky interests.

This 8-bit Mario blanket is made with crocheted granny squares comprising each pixel!