Witty Illustrations

One of my favorite forms of art is illustration, I love the way an often simple image can have the creative power to say so much.

Here I have decided to compile a selection of work by the extremely talented, Illustrative artist Glenn Jones. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Glenn has spent 15 years working in the design industry focusing on packaging, corporate identity and illustration before moving into t-shirt design. Not only are these designs very well drawn they are very clever and humorous, which is what makes these designs so unique and appealing. His beautifully drawn designs are very popular and have received massive attention.
Glenn now runs his own website called Glennz Tees creating his own range of T-shirts, Laptop Skins, Calendars and Free iPhone Wallpapers.

Since these images say more about themselves than I ever could, I will forgo my usual annotation and let you enjoy these brilliant and witty illustrations.

Water Fight

Clown Fish


Pirate Radio

Robo's Best Friend

Pre Computers

Cocktail Party

After Life


Homework Evidence

Heavy Liquid

FAB Mr. President

Easy Money

Deep Secret

Customer Suggestion Box

Potato Head is Dead


Office Pilot

Risky Engineering

Team Photo

War on Work

It's a Bottle Jim!

Less Formal

Target Practice

Secret Habit


Feeding Time

Happy Thoughts

Fake Guitar Hero


By a Nose

Cardboard & Duct Tape

Charlie's Back Yard

Amateur Angler


Before Stardom

So there you have it, I hope you've enjoyed these as much as I did and thanks for viewing.