My First Blog...


So people are always asking me "how come you don't have a blog?" And, Well, I suppose was initially a little sceptical about the world of “blogging” thinking, in my naivety that it was little more than the latest fad in a rapidly changing digital world. The image it always invoked was that of a middle aged woman obsessively telling of “the hilarious thing her cat just did” or the spotty teen making sure the whole world knows their top five tracks from the latest Lady Gaga album, and while this is true of many of blogs you see, I’ve found that the time I spend online is increasingly being infiltrated by well thought out and well written blogs which can give a unique and personal view on any subject you might care to google. Of course, a big contributer to my decision is the fact that adding a blog to your site can greatly increase traffic, which needless to say is always a big plus, especially when running a business.
So here I am, the latest passenger on the band wagon? Or a useful and thought provoking contributor? Well that's for you to decide. 


Well as you can see from my intro on the top right of the page and the about me section, I'm a 24 year old graphic and web designer and I'm from Rhondda in South Wales, UK. I have many interests, design obviously ranks highly among them, I have a real passion for all areas of the design field from architecture, industrial design, interior design, and fashion to areas closer to my field like advertising, product design and illustration. Although I am very proud of my achievements in design and am very confident in my abilities I feel there is always room to learn and I'm constantly looking to further my skills.
In my spare time I like nothing more than to unwind with a glass of red wine or a beer, spend time with my partner Claire and our dog Marley and watch a movie, listen to some music or enjoy some good food. My greatest passion in life though is animals, as I touched on above I have a 5 year old Beagle named Marley, I also keep a male Leopard Gecko who I call Yoshi. I spend as much time, money and effort as is possible promoting animal and wildlife conservation groups and charities with the commendable and seemingly eternal uphill struggle they face.
Another of my primary interests is sport, chief amongst them being boxing, tennis, formula 1, athletics golf and snooker, although my favourite is football (or soccer if you're reading this in the US.) I've been an avid and passionate Manchester United fan from a very early age and few things stir up my emotions quite as much as watching them play.
At heart though I'm a true geek, I love gadgets and technology, playing video games and surfing the web.


I'll obviously be sticking to what I know and mainly be blogging about design but I quickly decided against making it my sole topic fearing this might constrain me or even prevent me blogging about something i might feel passionately about just because it doesn’t fit in with my chosen theme. so I suppose you might place me in the 'general interest' section but with a distinct leaning toward the art of design.

So now you know a little more about who I am and what I’m doing here. I hope you enjoy my blog, and that perhaps I can become part of your regular online itinerary.