Amazing Photographs

We all love taking photographs and it can be quite a joyous moment when we manage to take that truly great shot. Here I have compiled a collection of some of the most breathtaking examples of photography from around the web and provided a brief paragraph of annotation below each one to share my views and opinions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and that they inspire you the next time you take out your camera to capture the moment.

Photographed at the old fishing piers of the Texas
Bolivar Peninsula. Taking photographs into the sun is
such a difficult technique to pull off and that's what
makes this shot all the more special.

This shot was taken on Norway's Prekestolen Cliff (also
known as Preachers Pull pit.) That's a braver man than

Some photos are all about opportunity, having your
camera with you when you come across a moment like
this is priceless.

The only true portrait in this line up and with it's great
composition and breathtakingly crisp clarity I feel it's
more than earned its place.

I love the way the pattern of the table reflects onto
the back of the spoon, in fact, at first, I thought that
the spoon itself was patterned.

There's no doubting that a great photograph can have a
profound sensory effect and with this clever macro
shot, you can almost hear the music.

Timing is everything. However don't let the pin point
precision fool you, this shot is about so much more, the
composition is perfectly balanced and for a black and
white image, it's beautifully vivid.

As we touched on above great timing can make or
break a photo. This snap is a great example of how
being in the right place at the right time can pay off.

I'm a little bit undecided with this piece but only in
trying to decide whether it's eerily spooky or
beautifully romantic, either way I think you'll agree it's

This snap taken by an astronaut of himself in orbit is a
little confusing on the eye at first but upon analyzing it
further I've come to the conclusion that it's truly out of
this world! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Disclaimer: Although this made for a wonderful photo,
I wouldn't advise you to try it for yourself!

I love this capture! I think the way the photographer
has managed to portray a sense that there is a
conversation happening here makes for an absolutely
adorable shot.

As with the above image the artist has somehow
succeeded in capturing a moment of interaction
between his subjects.

OK, it's true that you see lots of these types of images
around the web, however where this one separates
itself from the pack is firstly in its beautifully subtle
shades of blue reflection but mostly in its one in a
million timing.

Another example of split second timing here but
perhaps most impressive is the mind boggling trial and
error experimentation with shutter speeds.

Another lovely example here of the artists shutter
speed control in managing to capture the blur of the
birds shaking head while maintaining the clarity of the
moving water droplets.

Great use of light and shadow in this one,
particularly in how uniformly the shadow
falls across the subjects face.

I've decided to finish up this collection with this
stunning macro shot, the eye watering clarity serves
only to compliment the photos main attraction, the
background blue flower being refracted perfectly
centered into it's water droplet frame. An awe inspiring

Thank you for viewing these wonderful photographs.
I hope they have inspired you as much as they did me.
Feel free to leave your comments and opinions of the
collection or to let me know which your favourite of
them is.